Food Protection and Facilities

Planning large events during COVID? Please see below links from NCDHHS and CDC.

NCDHHS Interim Guidance for Events and Festivals (Aug. 10, 2021)

CDC Large Gatherings Planning Toolkit for Health Departments

Mobile Food Establishment Plan Review Checklist: Click Here

For NEW OWNERS of existing restaurants, PLEASE READ:

Are you planning to take ownership of an existing restaurant? PLEASE BE ADVISED:

  • DO NOT ASSUME an existing space or building that once operated as a restaurant or currently operates as a restaurant meets current code requirements.
  • There is no "grandfather clause" in NC Food Code for existing equipment OR finish surfaces on floors, walls, and ceilings.
  • IT IS STRONGLY SUGGESTED new owners(s) or agents operating on their behalf, contact the Iredell County Environmental Health Department and other code officials to ASK QUESTIONS about any additional construction and design requirements regarding equipment, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, fire, sewage, grease interceptor or building codes BEFORE purchasing or leasing an existing food service establishment.
Tattoo Artists

N.C. General Statues on Tattooing                                                                                                                     Criminal Statute on N.C. General Statues on Tattooing or Piercing Minors

Rules Governing Tattooing

Residential Care and Adult Day Service
Rules Governing Sanitation of Residential Care Facilities
Public Swimming Pools
Rules Governing Public Swimming Pools

Forms and Applications

Iredell County has implemented a new online application, permitting and payment system.  To apply for a Food Service Plan Review, Mobile Food Unit Plan Review, Temporary Food Vendor, Temporary Food Coordinator,  Tattoo Permit, Child Care Facility Plan Review or a Limited Food Service please scan the QR code or click on the link below.


Commissary Agreement Form 2023