Iredell County Board of Health Orientation & Training Online Handbook

Our team welcomes you to this Board of Health!  This Orientation and Training Handbook resource was developed to benefit both new and current board members.  Our aim is to provide general and some detailed information about the Iredell County Board of Health, Public Health in North Carolina, the Iredell County Health Department and the health status individuals living, working and playing in Iredell County. We built this training to especially provide support to new board members to support their public health related decision making.

Resources on this page are the most current version available. We will continually keep the content up-to-date as new or updated information becomes available and we will comprehensively update this resource at least once per year.
Please let us know how we can continually enhance this tool to better benefit your needs.

We hope you enjoy your time on the Iredell County Board of Health.

Board of Health Content and Links

  1. ICHD BOH orientation and Ongoing Training Policy
  2. BOH Meeting Schedule
  3. BOH By-Laws Operating Procedures 2023-2024
  4. Roles and Responsibilities of Local Public Health Governing Boards (Optional Training Supplement)
  5. Advocacy Outreach Log for BOH
  6. Roberts Rule of Order Link
  7. NC General Assembly NC General Statutes Link
  8. Iredell County Health Department Mandated Services

Iredell County Health Department

  1. ICHD Mission Vision and Core Values
  2. Iredell County Public Health Pillars
  3. Standard of Excellence in Behavior Policy
  4. Executive Division Organizational Chart
  5. Finance and Operations Division Organizational Chart
  6. Clinical Services Division Organizational Chart
  7. Environmental Health Division Organizational Chart

Business Documents and Information

  1. BOH Agendas and Minutes 
  2. Financial Document
  3. Strategic Plan and Updates
  4. Workforce Development Plan and Updates
  5. Iredell County Community Health Assessment or CHA
  6. Iredell County State of the County Health Report or SOTCH
  7. Accreditation of Local Health Departments GS 130A 341

General Public Health

  1. Public Health Mission and Essential Services GS 130A 1 1
  2. Questions and Answers About NC County Health Departments Link
  3. Public Health Across NC
  4. Public Health Core Functions and 10 Essential Services
  5. Healthy NC 2030 A Better State of Health
  6. Ten Great Public Health Achievements for the 20th Century Section 1
  7. Understanding the Work of the BOH Core Functions of Public Health Section 2 Part 1
  8. Understanding the Work of the BOH Ten Essential Services of Public Health Section 2 Part 2
  9. HIPAA and Public Health Link
  10. CDC Health Disparities and Inequalities Report
  11. Serving Immigrant Clients Frequently Asked Questions
  12. Health Law Biological Threats

Work of the Health Director and the Board of Health

  1. Power and Duties of the Local Health Director GS 130A 4
  2. Powers and Duties of the Local Board of Health GS 130 A 39
  3. County Board of Health Appointments and Terms GS 130A 35
  4. Principle of the Ethical Practice of Public Health Brochure
  5. What is a BOH Rule Section 1
  6. Rule Making Authority of NC Boards of Health Section 2
  7. Procedural Requirements for Rulemaking Section 3
  8. Legal Responsibilities and Authorities Structure Section 3 Part 1
  9. Legal Responsibilities and Authorities Roles and Responsibilities Section 3 Part 2
  10. Guidelines and Expectations of Board Members Section 4

Local Rules and Ordinances

  1. Mosquito Rule
  2. 2018 Meth Rule

ICHD Programs and Services

  1. Iredell County Health Department Brochure
  2. Child Health Program Brochure
  3. Dental Clinic Brochure
  4. Family Planning Clinic
  5. Environmental Health Brochure
  6. Immunization Program Brochure
  7. Maternal Health Program Brochure
  8. Women Infants and Children Program or WIC Brochure
  9. Walk in Services
  10. Iredell County Health Department Website

Public Health Information and Education

  1. Colon Cancer Information Notecard
  2. Rabies
  3. Tick Borne Illness Prevention
  4. Mosquito Borne Illness Info graphic Reduce Standing Water          
  5. Mosquito Borne Illness Info graphic Prevent Bites

Resource Links

  1. Association of North Carolina Boards of Health Link
  2. North Carolina Public Health Association Link
  3. American Public Health Association Link
  4. North Carolina Public Health Offices and Contacts Link
  5. North Carolina Institute for Public Health Link
  6. Center for Disease Control and Prevention Link
  7. North Carolina State Center for Health Statistics Link

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