New Septic Pit Test Requirements

Beginning July 1st, 2017 the Iredell County Environmental Health Division will require applicants to test pits on all septic system applications submitted to the division. The new pit evaluation improvement will be required for all septic system applications when a soil evaluation is necessary. This pit requirement excludes applications for septic system failures or repairs unless deemed necessary by law. 

Currently forty two percent of all properties evaluated are already required by law in Iredell County to dig pits due to existing soil type and site conditions. Fortunately, this change will provide a higher level of accuracy, efficiency and would be more effective for those seeking septic system permits. The implementation will allow the Environmental Health staff to evaluate and turn around application submittals in a timelier manner, therefore, potentially reducing wait times for applicants on the work list.  In addition, there will be a more accurate assessment of soil conditions potentially extending the life of the septic system for the homeowner.  

The initial process for submittal of a septic application will remain the same including site preparations. Once the application submittal reaches the top of the work list the applicant or the applicant’s authorized representative will be contacted by one of the Environmental Health Specialist team members for scheduling.  The applicant will be required to coordinate the scheduled appointment with one of the widely available backhoe operators of their choice.