Surplus Property

Iredell County surplus personal property is available for purchase by the general public by bidding through online auction at All items posted for sale are sold "As Is, Where Is." 

Sales of Iredell County surplus real property must follow local and statutory requirements, including auction. Please review each listing for details of each auction/sale of real property.

Real Estate Listings
Description Status Listings Additional Documents

4600 Harmony Hwy, Hamptonville, NC 


Property Description w/Pictures

Special Conditions of Sale

174 Bentbrook Rd, Wayside Estates, Statesville, NC

Closed GovDeals Auction Ends 1/26/2020 at 11:59 PM

Personal Property Listing
Description Status Start Date End Date Close Time GovDeals Link
Computer Workstations Closed 2/28/20 3/13/20 7:30 PM Click Here
Misc Tools Closed 2/28/20  3/13/20 7:30 PM Click Here
Assortment of Office Task & Waiting Chairs Closed 2/28/20  3/13/20 7:15 PM Click Here
Flat Screen Monitors Closed 2/28/20 3/13/20 7:00 PM Click Here
Various type projectors and screens Closed 2/28/20 3/13/20 6:45 PM Click Here
Desk Workstations Closed 2/28/20 3/13/20 6:30 PM Click Here
Exercise Equipment Closed 3/11/20 3/18/20 7:00 PM Click Here
(2) Pianos Open 3/13/20 4/1/20 7:45 PM Click Here
Pallet of 3-Ring Binders Open 3/13/20 4/1/20 7:30 PM Click Here
Printers, Faxes and Scanners Open 3/13/20 4/1/20 7:15 PM Click Here
Hewlett Packard Workstations Closed 3/13/20 3/23/20 7:00 PM Click Here
Forensic Lab Equipment Closed 3/13/20 3/23/20 6:45 PM Click Here
Miscellaneous Communication/Radio Equipment Closed 3/13/20 3/23/20  6:30 PM Click Here

Instructions for Bidding on Personal Property

In order to bid on an item, you must register with GovDeals. After you've entered the GovDeals website, make sure you read the site Terms and Conditions first. Once you've accepted the terms and conditions, follow the instructions on the website. It is NOT necessary to register to bid to check what's available. You can register anytime. 
Once registered, you can return to Iredell County's surplus page at any time to view available surplus or access the GovDeals bid site.  You can also view and bid on surplus offered by other Government entities across the United States by going to the GovDeals homepage and performing an advanced search.  Please be sure to carefully read all terms and conditions relating to any of the auctions.

To see only the items listed by Iredell County, click here or on the GovDeals logo below.  Please note: if you do not see any property listed we are not currently offering any surplus at auction.  Surplus items are added as they become available so please check the site often.

NOTE:  If you have any questions or need additional information, contact Purchasing at (704) 878-3045 or email