Camp Iredell Adventures


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Camp Registration 2020


The Pre-Enrollment Questionnaire (PEQ) will be available March 16, or may be completed at time of session registration. The PEQ includes questions about potential camp enrollees, such as shirt size, pick-up permissions, etc.

8 Weekly Sessions

Pick the weeks you want!
Camp will start June 1.
Camp will end July 24.
No Camp July 3 (Friday).

About Camp

Camp Iredell Adventures is an exciting adventure-based day camp program offered during the summer. This program is open to children ages 11 through 13. Camp Iredell Adventures integrates a variety of fun outdoor adventure activities and experiences, with off-site trips daily.

Activities may include, but are not limited to, hiking, swimming, rafting, climbing, exploring parks and local environmental resources, field trips, outdoor games, and guest speakers. 

Camp operates Monday through Friday throughout the summer. 

Parent Handbook (below) contains most of the general information that parents will need to reference, including drop-off locations & times, what to bring to camp, behavior expectations, payment options/policies/fees, and more!

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