Guided Nature Hikes

TrailheadBigleaf Slopes

Bigleaf Slopes Park

Saturday, October 9, 2021 9am - 12pm

Registration is required.

Hikes are family-friendly and open to all ages, stages and levels. A trained guide leads each hike, making it easier for participants to enjoy the outdoors and explore some of the best natural beauty North Carolina has to offer.

The property is approximately 104 acres of wooded and open-space land with significant diversity in plant species. Most uniquely present is the Bigleaf Magnolia species, for which the park is named. Magnolia macrophylla, the Bigleaf Magnolia, is a deciduous magnolia native to the southeastern United States and eastern Mexico. This species boasts the largest simple leaf and single flower of any native plant in North America.

Bigleaf Slopes Park

341 Twin Oaks Rd

Statesville, NC 28625